Ever Wonder How Martial Arts Improves Grades
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Ever Wonder How Martial Arts Improves Grades

To all our parents out there..have you ever wondered how martial arts help improve your child\'s grades at school. It\'s not rocket science... and it\'s not too hard either.

To all our parents out there..have you ever wondered how martial arts help improve your child's grades at school.

It's not rocket science... and it's not too hard either.

It's actually very simple...

In a martial arts school one of the most important requirement is focus and plenty of it. To learn how to kick properly... punch properly... and one of the most important thing to have the life skills and confidence that it takes to be successful in life. These thing require many things such as attitude, determination, perseverance and focus. These are just some of the things that will help your child become a champion in the game of life. So here's what happens: Your child develops uncanny concentration and focus through learning these techniques, they develop attitude and determination on the road that all martial artist strive for... the road to Black Belt. Through the learning and discipline of martial arts these life skills pour into every area of their life. School becomes easier as focus and attention increase.

Martial arts is about learning balance, strategy and self-control, and how to use your entire body in a coordinated way. They emphasize that size and strength aren't as important as skills and focus.Martial arts is a great drug deterrant as it teaches kids not only to have respect for other students, but to have respect for their body. You can't achieve the path to being a great martial artist if you don't take care of your body.

Also in martial arts we stress the importance of asking questions. If a child does not know the answer to a question or doesn't quite have the brand new technique they know to ask questions until they understand. How can they build confidence if they don't ask questions and learn? We help every child feel comfortable with asking questions when they don't understand a technique or the concept behind it. This ALSO pours into every area of their life. In school, when they don't get a concept - they ASK! And then, they keep asking until they understand!

Self Defense and stress relief are other key elements to martial arts. During their training students will learn how to defend themselves against bullies and strangers.

Simple, right? Well, sometimes the simplest answers are the

most powerful ones.

Jerry Groce 5th Degree Black belt

Tiger Rock Martial Arts Marietta, GA


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