Five Ways to Improve the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Your Child
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Five Ways to Improve the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Your Child

Millions of children across the world suffer from the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. If left untreated, it can create severe problems for the future life of the child. The article lists out five simple steps that can improve the attention deficit disorder in your child when administered with other clinical measures on medical ground. All these simple steps can help the parents of the children suffering from such disorder.

It is found with the children between the age of 3 to16.The symptoms are, you might find your child always absent-minded. While attending a class, you find his attention automatically gets distracted and his listening stopped as he looks out of the room. Your child is very rigid with any demand he or she makes with you but as you fulfil the demand, the child soon forgets and throws away the article that you have bought with your hard earned money. Your child is restless and fails to concentrate on his lessons. At times, the child sits in one place and keeps talking or mumbling to himself and that you find quite irritating. You keep worrying as the child talks nonstop and at times puts you in embarrassing situations before your friends and strangers. The child fails to make progress in his study because of lack of attention. He or she is blamed consistently for the pranks by the school teachers and outsiders.

All such symptoms can be sure signs of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder suffered by millions of kids across the world. Sadly, this is found more in the number of boys than the girls. In case, you find all the symptoms in your child, it is good that you go ahead with the treatment. Apart from valuable advice from the psychologists and psychiatrists, five simple suggestions are listed below to help your child recover from this. Unless this disorder is properly treated, it might have serious repercussions on the future of the child.

a)      Give serious attention to the diet of your child- Do not pamper your child with junk food, ice cream, chocolates and soft drink. All such food that can make your child obese fast. Obesity is a dangerous thing for the children suffering from this disorder. It is because the symptoms of this disorder shall increase when the body of the child becomes heavier and he or she becomes lazy and dull. Always check the weight of the child and keep it normal for his or her age.

b)      Create a regular exercise regimen for the child-  Most of the children suffering from this disorder develop conflicts with their parents over various things. They are found to be disobedient and flout the norms set by the parents. Parents need to tackle such behavior of the child with patience. The child must exercise daily because exercise does away with physical and psychological stress in the child and keeps his spirit high. Mental restlessness is checked to a great extent when the body is made to go through the exercises.Along with the exercises, your child needs to drink plenty of water and other health drinks. Water will make the bowel movement smooth and regular.

c)      Disallow your child from mixing with extremely naughty children- You need to keep a tab on the association of your child with other children. The children, who are extremely naughty and suffering from the same mental disorder must not be allowed to befriend your child. It is simply because such friendship will make your child’s problem more complex.

d)      Do not permit your child to watch television for more time- As the trend in the society goes, children become television and computer addicts very fast. They insist on watching cartoon shows and other televised programs for more time. This result in inattentive behavior in the child as the mind gets preoccupied with the imaginary and absurd things from television and computer games and diverts him from all the related developmental activities necessary for his age. If your child is suffering attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, he or she will worsen if allowed to watch television for longer periods. Give some time to your children to watch television but keep an eye on the content of things that they watch.

e)      Make her practice this small breathing exercise- If you find your child failing repeatedly to sit at one place and concentrate on the thing that he is doing, make her practice this small breathing exercise. You can also do with your child as it is immensely helpful for boosting up concentration. Ask the child to watch his breathing as his or her attention drifts away from the work. Ask the child to feel the breathing into the nostrils; the touch of coolness the child feels as air enters through the nostrils and how little warm he feels as he breathes out. It is just the watching of normal inhaling and exhaling whenever the mind tries to slip away making you absent-minded. This simple breathing exercise increases awareness  thousand times and gradually makes your child overcome the disorders in attention.

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