How to Parent Very Young Kids
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How to Parent Very Young Kids

Parenting very young kids is a real challenge but if you can do it effectively you can congratulate yourself because parenting very young kids is already an achievement in life.

Parenting young kids could be a daunting job and a complicated one especially to a beginner parent.  You need lots of energy and skills in order for you to cope with parenting.  it may be hard to cope at first but don't worry because you can learn as you go.  The important thing is that you are learning and applying what you learn.

Here are the basic factors that you should know in order to make parenting work for you.

Know the traits of your child

Each child is born with certain characteristics that distinguishes him from the other kids. These characteristics play a very important role in your child’s growth and development. You should know how to recognize the especial characteristics of your child so that you can successfully guide your chld.   Your approach maybe different from other parents but don’t worry because you know your child best.  Whatever style of parenting you apply may depend on the type of child you have.

Note your child's rate of development

The stages of development in children are the same. They crawl, sit, teeth, stand, run and so on. But the time and rate varies for each child. It is important that you understand the development of your child in order for you to adjust to your method of parenting. This is because your child maybe different from the other children in your neighborhood. For example; some children have their teeth as early as five months and some children have their teeth later.  Some children may be already walking when they are only ten months old while your child maybe just starting to stand at 10 months. It is important that you look at your child as an individual and not as part of a whole. Children should not be compared to others because each child has his own rate of growth and development that he follows.

Konw how to adapt to your child's temperament

The behaviors of children vary in each child. There are children who do not mind things around them and they can sleep with a noisy environment or eat anything without complain but other children could be easily disturbed by sounds around them or they may start wailing with just a slight problem. It is important to understand the temperament of your child so that you will be able to adapt to your parenting style. Temperament is an inborn behavior of a child that he displays in his day to day activties.

Children grow as individuals with their own patterns and rates of growth and development. They all grow and develop but in different rates and ways. It is important then to know and understand your child as an individual who is different from his peers. The most important thing to note is that no two children are exactly the same.

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