Kid's Programming
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Kid's Programming

A critical look at children's television. Check your baby sitter and your child television viewing.

To influence a human being's mental development,  you must get that human’s mind at the earliest possible time. Children’s television may be a cheap baby-sitter, but it is as potentially harmful as an abusive baby-sitter.

Let us take one favorite Children’s programmer and look at one of their presentations on American television. Nick Toons shown in my area on cable channel 10. The time was 2:00 a prime time for getting the most audience. The toon was unbelievably political and demeaning. A huge muscle inflated character using the voice that is recognizable all over the United States that of Governor Arnold Swartzenegger of California, managed to capture a mad scientist and to strap him onto a gurney. His reason or so the story goes and believe me these toons do have a story was to free a giant chimp.

The chimp is shown fleeing from the mad scientist’s laboratory and eating a cupcake on the street. Where it finally ends up we aren’t told.

Now who led the Hulk with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s voice to the laboratory of the crazy guy to free the chimp? The chimp’s fairies, all three of them, are shown in splendorous magic dust singing mystically using the voice of a mistress attempting to seduce her master.The three fairies leave the cupcake eating chimp and visit the strapped to a gurney scientist with these touching words, Bye, bye, crazy guy.

What happened to Hans Christian Anderson, that’s what I want to know.  So, all right Hans Christian Anderson might have had a few Dutch shoes hitting trolls on the head but I doubt it. 

Nick toons is not alone in the abusive baby sitter roles.  But,what can be worse that Sponge Bob Square Pants for abuse?.  Just the real people sit coms that make paying for Nick Toons as a cheap baby sitter questionable. 

Children's Television should be carefully monitored by parents.  At least, take the time to actually sit through some of the programs that your children watch.  You just might get an answer as to where your children's defiance, back talking and acting out comes from. 

The premise for most of these shows is to clearly raise a crew of hostile pranksters who consider that a sign of wealth.  The wealth is shown by bedrooms full of dine store beads and K-mart electronics. 

That kind of upbringing was at one time considered to be the sign of parents who were too busy running their saloon to care for their kids.  Okay, maybe not saloons but salons. 

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Comments (2)

I was brought up on Tom and Jerry, road runner etc they were very violent and the things that happened to the characters would have ended in death, sometimes these programs are a good way of helping your child learn the difference between whats real and what is not, obviously the time has got to be spent by the parent in explaining. One of my boys has Aspergers and they just don't understand things that are not real, if you use sayings like "Oh I killed my self laughing" they will take it literally. Some of these programs are a good way of seeing examples of things that are not real. Very well written interesting article.

I can't imagine anyone saying, "I killed myself laughing." the usual expression is " I dyed laughing." I was a state licensed clinical Ph.d. level mental health counselor and am aware of Asperger and other degenerative childhood disorders.