Name A Child; The Only Thing You Can Truly Pass On
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Name A Child; The Only Thing You Can Truly Pass On

How can naming a child could lead to child abuse, at least in a subtle, non-legal way. As a parent, you do not want a name too common. But you do not want too weird as to create abuse on them. So, create a happy medium between the two is the best policy.

I am an amateur comedian. One stable joke I have is about new fathers with their first son. The joke relies on that a man has a solid, almost arrogant, connection with his first son. Part and parcel to this is that a substantial amount of fathers in this situation want weird, yet cool, names for his son,

For example, at 12, I found out my dad wanted to call me Igor. Even at that age, I said; “Dad. Why the hell did you want to go me Igor?”

My dad’s response? “Who would mess with a kid called Igor?”

At 12, I said; “Are you serious? Daniel (or Dan) is good enough. Igor? Really? That’s borderline emotional abuse


Like the actress Shannon Sossamon named her son; “Audio Science”. Skateboarder and actor Jason Lee chose Pilot Inspecktor. Really? Really really?

I may be no parent, but to call you child names like this is like child abuse.

Yes. You, as a parent, may think the name is cure within six months of their birth. But when they reach their school years, the bullying could beyond what you’ll ever think. Just from a name. A name, that you, as a parent, have given to your child.

Nevermind genetics. Most genetic scientists have shown that it is nurture over nature. That whatever happens, how you bring a child up counteracts the genes the child has altogether.  So, really, it is stuff like; the name you give that really is passed on from you. Some other guys have said that their dad’s wanted to call them names like Thor, or Wolfgang, or Jo-ha-bias. Some names are more ridiculous than all of those.

This can go for girls, as well. After Miley Cirus climbed to fame, Miley became a populate girls name. It is deemed short for Smiley. Either which, it could be a good, or bad, thing to call your child Miley.

Either way, the point is that the only thing you, as a parent, can really pass on is a name, and your habits. And the name is stuck right from birth. It is your legal name, at least until you’re 18 and able to change it by a signature.

Luckily my parents gave me Daniel. It is a strong name, and so is Dan and Danny. But far deviations can prove to detrimental to a kid’s mindset as they grow up.

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Comments (1)

I would strongly suggest you research the naming process through the centuries.  Child abuse?  Come on.  Some of the most pecularly-named individuals have become the most important, powerful, and popular people in history.