The Family Order Scam
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The Family Order Scam

A discussion on family birth order and the forced generalities regarding their potential and their properties as compared to other of their siblings. An attempt to explain family birth order as real in discussion of family size and economic needs but not real in deriving social engineering data. Family order as a biological fact not as a psychological dictum.

To understand the concept behind Family Order, one needs to do research into areas like seperated at birth twins, adopted children, intact family and divorced family before one can develop a basis for understanding the generalities made in psychology 101 classes that resemble the psychotic generalities of language users elevating schizophrenic ideation in language to a gift of the gods.  Madness may indeed be a gift of the gods but even apes can use language and why haven't they evolved?

That denial can allow me to explain the ordeal of the family and the birth order that is used to such a psychotic extent as code by social engineers who are trying to tell us to use toilet paper instead of a prickly pear to wipe our derrierres. 

The code language goes a lot like this.  The first born is the boss.  He or she controls the language development of the rest of the siblings born in that biological entity called an intact or a disintact family.  As the first born, she is to be obeyed by all siblings. 

The second born lives under the cloud of the first.  His or her preoccupation is to wait for the first born to die to get his or her job. 

The third born is the medium.  He or she balances things out and chooses which side will win. 

The fourth born is the lost sheep.  He or she is expected to care even when he or she doesn't care to care.  The fourth born is also seen as being native or divine to the area born and living in.

The fifth is the odd man out who fights to dominate every other person in the family and waits like a fallen angel to get his or her siblings.

That is the code of the family order that is used by almost all entities that do research in group behaviors, industrial producers of jobs and products, media in all its entertainment roles, government and all political entities involved in world dominance and every other human and non human enterprise that gets information from social media purveyors of social engineering in controlled groups. 

The thinking is flawed because the family order roles has variables due to the inherent problem with making human generalities.  The problem is intellectual capacity. 

The perception that the most brains goes to the first and each subsequent sibling is less intelligent is less than scientific as the presumption that saying "you" makes me you or much less "yours". 

Forcing such a preposterous mindset on the public and on the makers of what the public must believe is dangerous.

The lessons that could be learned by reading "Brave New World" are very real. 


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