My Inner Child Therapy Session
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My Inner Child Therapy Session

Inner child therapy session with technique.

How many of my readers are trying Inner Child therapy for themselves?  You don't have to tell me, but you can comment.  Are you feeling better or worse?  If you are feeling worse, see a trained therapist and tell him what you have been doing in the sometimes "occult" world of inner child freeing. 

If you are feeling better and can grow, try this therapy technique with your own pictures.  You will need a picture of yourself as a baby.  As an example of how to progress, I will pretend to be my own client. 

A picture of the author 59 years ago. Followed by an inner child invoking therapeutic lesson.

This baby is now 59 years old.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

inner child invoking therapeutic lesson.

This baby is now 59 years old.

Do you have a baby picture? How does it measure up to your own babies pictures? Have your babies been somehow not as lovingly cared for? How can you tell? Compare pictures. Look at the picture of the baby above. Look carefully at the face. Good nutrition is evident in the cheeks and in the eyes which are carefully examining its environment.

Only babies well cared for and lovingly introduced to its world are curious and quizzical of their presenting world. Now, look at the body. Relaxed and sure of herself offering her toes for a kiss. Really! Now look at the clothes, a cool couple hundred of dollars as they are obviously hand knit of the finest handspun wool. Now, compare your pictures of your babies. What do they show? What will they show the future?

Want to try something different?

Find a picture of yourself as a baby. Hold that picture in your hand and try to feel what it would be like to be that baby again. Close your eyes and find your inner child. Has she grown? What does your child tell you?

Try this poem as a repetitive prayer to reunite yourself with your past.

She is the loveliest child that I have ever seen

In wondrous coat by genteel hand knit

The brow is wide and fashioned by God

Make no mistake this is the touch of God

Some baby pictures can be made into a digital picture and  framed.  This picture makes me want to drop everything and to go shopping.  I guess I don't really know how to tell her to go back into her picture. 


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