Why Parents Must Know the Causes of Depression in Teens
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Why Parents Must Know the Causes of Depression in Teens

It is important for parents to know the root cause of depression in their teen in order to properly address the problem.

The toughest age group in children is “teens” because this is the age when the child is confused of so many things. This is also the age where children are very sensitive. Emotionally, teens are greatly affected by problems in relationships with their family and the opposite sex. Some causes of depression also could be problems in school and with their friends or classmates. There are various factors that may cause depression among teens and the most important thing for parents to do is to look into the root cause and

try to solve the problem.

Depression does not just come in the life of a teenager. It has its causes. It may be the cause of problems that the child is keeping for a long time or it may be something more serious. The support of the family and the understanding of the situation by parents will help ease the problem of depression in a teenager.

Depression is a feeling of extreme sadness and hopelessness. When depression strikes, a person may loss all hope and feels that everything is not going right. Some depressed people cannot talk to other people because they feel that everybody is saying negative things about them. They feel isolated; often aloof because they feel that they are unwanted. They become morose and despondent and often times refuse to talk to people and content themselves locked in their room.

Depressed people always think negatively and if depression persists and become worse, some people go to the extent of hurting themselves and attempting suicide. Depressed people think that they are all alone in their world and nobody could help them and give them hope.

There are depressed people who cannot go on their own and need someone with them all the time. Parents must therefore know the causes of depression because many young people are easily depressed. Young boys and girls are still developing their maturity and they easily get depressed with trivial things. Some get depressed if they cannot pass in school and if their grades are too low. Some get depressed when they cannot have what they want in life. A failure in love is also one big cause of depression. A family problem is also one of the causes of depression among young people.

Parents must always bear in mind that children need them all the time specially when they have problems. Young people tend to keep their problems to themselves and it's important that parents know what is causing their child's depression. Depression is dangerous especially to young people because it often leads to drugs, booze and unwanted sex. When young people feel that they are left to fend for themselves they start finding a place to fit themselves. Often times it is their friends whom they confide in and become their source of strength. The problem here is; what kind of friends does your child have?

Teens is the age when children are too sensitive and they easily get hurt. The problem is that many teens do not just blurt out their problems to their parents. It is either because they lack the courage to do so or they fear that their expectation would be different. Support is the most important thing that the depressed teen needs from his parents.

It is important for parents to always look into the causes of depression in their teens in order to properly address the problem. And the most important is for parents to give moral support and understanding.

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Comments (2)

I suffered from depression as a teen, but I am actually quite certain the problem started even before that. My main symptom was lack of energy.

Great parenting and thoughts, fb like!